One step closer

One step closer into me

I grave you
in the most innocent form.
I grave you
in ways where I just want
to be next to you
nothing more or less.

I just want you
I still love you
with all my heart.
I still think about you
every single day
I’m still dream about you
every single night.

You are within me
I feel you in my heartbeat
I see you in my eyes closed
I sense you in the touch of my hands
I can’t lose you
even though you left me.

What ended was just the visible
the touchable part
the energetic flow is still moving
I’m here and open for the full force
I allow everything in my sensitive heart.

All woundings flow through
only love can hurt like this
love is torture burning hot through my veins
fallen in the name of love
getting under in my cells.

Dealing with loneliness
letting through grief
my body a prision of inescapable pain
life sadness is washing my nervouse system
shaking up all my suicidal thoughts.

I love(d) to much and dive(d) to deep
Life is full of mistakes
I cry for everyone I lost and left
love’s an honest mistake to make
and mother earth´s heart is holding me.

I give you my forever
you’re gonna live forever in me
I guarantee it’s just meant to be.
Parts of me were made by you
and planets keep their distance too
even the moon’s got a grip on the sea.
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